8026 - Major summer exhibition organized by the city of Saint-Tropez pays homage to Bernard Bezzina - 15. 06.2016-05.10.2016


Main Divition III, 2015. Bronze blanc sur base acier, 3ex. H 375 x L 275 x P 170cm.

Saint-Tropez pays tribute to artist Bernard Bezzina exposing the city 5 of his monumental sculptures. t he old port docks instead of the Garonne through the place Grammont and place Blanqui, the Var seaside resort will combine its ancient charm to the singular art sculptor.

Varied explorer of matter, Bernard Bezzina is driven by a quest for total art and develops in his works its principle of "Divition". This is an act of division volumes, deconstruction and fragmentation of the material to give it a new birth. He "then the procedure is surgically by making incisions, traces and slots, covering the smooth skin for signs of life." With the bronze, as with land, steel, wood, materials he uses as a skin, his works go to the essential: fragment feet, hands, torsos. They are entitled "Divition I - II - III" and five of them colonize the city of their gigantism.

It is between Tuscany, near the huge quarries of Carrara, and his workshop south of France in nature, Bernard Bezzina draws inspiration and creativity. Propelling contemporary art beyond established boundaries, his sculptural work is manifold. This eclectic artist also works the canvas or paper, providing a great artistic diversity, particularly expressive and innovative.

Combining the art of monumental and fragile by coexist with power strength of the material and the injury of life, Bernard Bezzina exhibited in Monaco, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy ...

The monumentality of his sculptures on display this summer in St. Tropez, Bernard Bezzina sign a new interpretation of the human body, sublimating the originality of his creations and talent