8400 - TEFAF debuts new website


TEFAF has been operating as one of the leading fine art and antiques organisations on the world stage for 30 years.
At a time of significant change in the art and antiques industry, where accessibility and transparency are increasingly important, TEFAF is launching a new website. It has become essential, with TEFAF’s expansion to New York with two additional fairs, TEFAF New York Fall and TEFAF New York Spring, to better inform, engage and serve its growing community of art dealers, galleries, museums, collectors, and other art market professionals and enthusiasts.

TEFAF has been operating as one of the leading fine art and antiques organisations on the world stage for 30 years. It is most renowned for the annual fair in the Dutch city of Maastricht as well as the publication of the annual TEFAF Art Market Report. All the online content is created by or co-created with the exhibitors, vetting experts and other people within the TEFAF community and will provide visitors with a year round, ongoing stream of information and insight.

The website is designed around two different streams of information. Firstly, a key information stream covering:

• TEFAF (vetting, history, organisation, charities, partners).

• The fairs (dates, venue, exhibitors, special events, programming, and information to help plan visits).

• Application procedures.

• Art market reports and further initiatives that will lead the way in industry research.

Secondly, a community stream focused on objects, stories and expertise to enable visitors to further discover art:

• The ‘Collection’ section provides a platform to explore the objects and artists featured by TEFAF exhibitors.

• The subjective and inspiring ‘Stories’ introduce online visitors to the experiences, perceptions and anecdotes of a range of different people from the art world.

• The content in the ‘Expertise’ section is objective, factual, descriptive and demonstrates to visitors the unrivalled knowledge of the TEFAF community. It will cover movements, materials, techniques, the market and much more.

The website is dynamic and flexible. As the website receives more content and through user input and feedback, it will grow, becoming more informative for visitors.

Central to all three TEFAF fairs are the exhibitors who are also prominently featured on the website. Their individual pages are more elaborate and visually attractive than previously. In addition, this new online platform allows them to share their collections, stories and expertise as well as gallery events and vacancies, with an even wider audience.

Alongside the public facing pages of the website there is also a private layer called ‘MyTEFAF’. This is a space for exhibitors, museums, press and collectors to organise and manage their interaction with TEFAF. This section will be made available to a select group over the next few weeks and expand to include further groups of people in future updates.