8454 - Art Stage Singapore announces Collectors' Stage 2017


Art Stage Singapore returns in 2017 with a strong emphasis on innovative fair content, redefining the Fair’s identity beyond the framework of the art market. In line with this, Art Stage Singapore presents Collectors’ Stage 2017, a special exhibition of works from the private collections of Singapore-based collectors. With Collectors’ Stage 2017, Art Stage Singapore re -establishes the highly successful and defining exhibition concept which the Fair had first conceptualised in 2011 for its inaugural edition.  

Collectors’ Stage 2017 is also a continuation of the Collectors’ Show, a highlight exhibition of the first edition of Art Stage Jakarta. Like the show in Jakarta, Collectors’ Stage 2017 in Singapore is curated by Enin Supriyanto around the title, Expose. The exhibition draws from the diverse private collections of six Singapore-based collectors – Hady Ang, Jim Amberson, Michael Tay and Talenia Phua Gajardo (MT Collection), Michelangelo and Lourdes Samson, Kenneth Tan and a sixth collector who wishes to remain anonymous. Collectors’ Stage 2017: Expose is presented in partnership with The Artling.

The collections of the six participating collectors feature artworks by established and emerging artists from around Asia and the world in various media, reflecting the openness and inter-connectivity of Singapore, the city-state where they are based. The exhibition Collectors’ Stage 2017: Expose captures this very essence of their collections with a selection of artworks ranging from installation, photography, video art and new media by an international group of artists. The exhibition aims to foster an undertanding about art collections and reveal the thought processes and motivations behind cultivating a coherent personal collection. The exhibition shows that art collecting is not simply about accumulating art pieces but about a dedication to bring artworks in dialogue with each other, allowing each collection to find its own way and its own character.

“Art Stage Singapore is honoured to work with some of the top collectors based in Singapore to present Collectors’ Stage 2017: Expose. In an environment where the opening up of private collections for public viewing is extremely rare, I would like to thank our six collectors for their generosity in sharing their collection with us for the public to enjoy and appreciate. The exhibition presents a wonderful opportunity for audiences to reflect upon the meaning of an art collection and we hope that it would inspire many to embark on a fulfilling relationship with art as collectors. It is by presenting exhibition content such as this that Art Stage Singapore will continue to play a pivotal role in contributing to the discourse on contemporary art in Singapore and the region, ” says Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder and President, Art Stage Singapore.

“Private collections generally reflect the personal taste of the collector. Yet, it must also be recognised that the six collectors have taken risks in their collecting activities. They have supported emerging talent, commissioned new works and have waited patiently to acquire pieces that would complement their collection. Their role as collectors can be seen as crucial to the development of contemporary art in this region. They contribute positively towards the growth of the art eco-system that creates the necessary conditions for contemporary art to flourish,” says Enin Supriyanto, Curator.

Collectors’ Stage 2017: Expose features a total of 19 artworks by artists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, USA and Zimbabwe. Artists in the exhibition include Martha Atienza (Philippines), Leslie de Chavez (Philippines), Kawayan de Guiya (Philippines), Lee Friendlander (USA), Faisal Habibi (Indonesia), Jenny Holzer (USA), Rashid Johnson (USA), Steve McQueen (United Kingdom), Francis Ng (Singapore), Aditya Novali (Indonesia), Handiwirman Saputra (Indonesia), Albert Yonathan Setyawan (Indonesia), Vasan Sithiket (Thailand), Eddy Susanto (Indonesia), Moffat Takadiwa (Zimbabwe), TROMARAMA (Indonesia), Ronald Ventura (Philippines), Asim Waqif (India) and Wong Hoy Cheong (Malaysia).

"Since our inception, The Artling has been committed to nurturing and supporting art collectors in Singapore and beyond and we are extremely excited to be part of Collector's Stage at Art Stage Singapore 2017. It will be an interesting glimpse into these private collections, usually hidden behind closed doors, of various locally-based collectors and will also be the first time that they are all shown together," says Talenia Phua Gajardo, Founder, The Artling.

"I believe that artists do not create compelling works of art with the intention that they will only be seen in my living room; therefore it is a pleasure to show a couple of works from my collection at Art Stage Singapore. The majority of works in my collection are by artists from Southeast Asia but I am hoping that the works by Moffat Takadiwa from Zimbabwe and Asim Waqif from India that will be part of the exhibition will open up differing views or broader perspectives of geography, materiality and engagement with contemporary art in Singapore private collections," says Jim Amberson, Art Collector.

Collectors’ Stage 2017: Expose is a special exhibition of Art Stage Singapore 2017. The Fair is the anchor event of the Singapore Art Week and takes place from 12 to 15 January 2017 at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The Main Partners of Art Stage Singapore 2017 are Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Kingsmen Creatives and Le Freeport. Official Partners of Art Stage Singapore 2017 are UOB and Ruinart. Official Logistics Partners are Agility and Helutrans. Strategic Partners of Art Stage Singapore 2017 include Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), National Arts Council (NAC), the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and the National Gallery Singapore.