8001 - Discover the platform parismuseescollections.paris.fr and the artworks of the City of Paris' museums.


The museums of the City of Paris launch a new platform to share their collections
The museums of the City of Paris hold some one million works of art and welcome over 3 million visitors to their 14 Parisian sites. In addition to physical display of the works in updated museum tour facilities, Paris Musées has decided to make more extensive content available online.
May 2016, Paris Musées will be launching an unprecedented platform for scholars and the general public alike. parismuseescollections.paris.fr will make the City of Paris museum collections available to everyone, giving internet users access to a wealth of digital content, a one-of-a-kind collection of over 180,000 artwork presentation pages, bibliographical resources and archives, ranging from Archeology to Contemporary Art. 

This new platform will allow users to:
• Discover an unparalleled collection of artwork accessible on all devices.
• Customise browsing with recently-added works and tailored suggestions.
• Organise a visit to one of the City of Paris museums.
• Search for an author, an artwork... filter and sort results.
• Learn about a work in detail with guided browsing.
• Carry out in-depth studies using archives and related bibliographical resources.
• Share new discoveries or favourites.
• Browse different themes illustrated by works from the City of Paris museum collections.

parismuseescollections.paris.fr targets a much wider audience than that of the City of Paris museums alone. Intended for all those in France or abroad who are interested in art, history or literature, whether they are experts, art-lovers or those just having a look, the platform provides online access to Paris Musées through a search mode or exploration by subject area (Paris 1900, the French Revolution, etc.). The platform provides access both to the masterpieces that are on show in the museums and to works that are rarely seen because they are so fragile (drawings, photographs, prints and textiles), and will continue to broaden its collection with a project to digitise 100,000 works a year, plus two further stages of technical and functional development to make the site more interactive.  
In parallel, the artworks will be displayed on each of the individual City museum websites. All the museums have had their own websites since 2015.

This first version has been designed with a wide range of users in mind, from art-lovers to people who are simply interested in art, and therefore offers features to suit everyone: 
Different museum collections gathered together on a single platform
This platform groups together the City of Paris museum collections for the first time.  From Archeology to Contemporary Art, internet users will be able to discover and learn about unique pieces, such as Amedeo Modigliani's "The Woman with Blue Eyes", one of the treasures of the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, or the Carnavalet  Museum's Julian II gold aureus. Masterpieces are presented alongside rare works, too fragile to be displayed easily. Users may search all City museum collections for views of specific places (such as the Seine) or historical periods, or search by name for artists whose works are displayed in several City of Paris museums (Jean-Antoine Watteau, Hubert Robert, Honoré Daumier or Edouard Vuillard).

Search and Explore: two modes for two types of users

Search mode

In this mode, which is accessible from the menu, users can enter keywords and search all fields indexed in the artwork presentation pages. A facetted search helps users along by showing how many results exist behind each keyword, thereby limiting unsuccessful combinations of filters.

Exploration mode

This mode takes art enthusiasts on an exploration of the collections by theme or by random access to information pages on the works.  Cross-museum exploration by subject area (Paris 1900, The French Revolution) presents works in ideal conditions thanks to a user-friendly approach and attractive graphics.
Functions linked to "My Account" 
The site also gives users the possibility of creating their own accounts to access other functions including:
- saving searches
- creating lists
- direct annotation of artwork presentation pages
This site has a responsive web design and all site data and functions can therefore be. accessed from smartphones and tablets.