8022 - Artfox.eu – The first Belgian online market platform for art galleries in the Benelux.


Artfox.eu proofs that art is accessible for everyone. It is the first, Belgian, online market platform that represents qualitative art galleries in the Benelux. Experienced, as well as exploring art lovers can search for their matching piece of art. David Fonteyne created this innovative concept and believes that the art gallery is the only place of trust for discovering and buying artworks. That’s why artfox.eu only represents galleries within reachable distance. The website launched in February 2016 and already counts a nice selection of art galleries.

The art world is often experienced as an exclusive, closed, high-end society, but in fact, it is a very accessible, exciting world where you can already buy quality with a limited budget” – David Fonteyne

With Artfox.eu David wants everybody to get rid of this one-sided view.
Therefore, prices and other information have to be as tranparent as possible.
Besides a discovery tool that provides more insight in the needs, it is a time-saving tool to compare what the art market has to offer.

' A time-saving tool for the art expert and a crucial backing for the exploring art lover '

Born in an art-minded family, David has a gut feeling to choose the right galleries. That's how Artfox.eu is becoming an established, central, online market platform with valuable art galleries.

In a few short steps Artfox.eu connects you to the most beautiful artworks within accessible reach.

Do you also want to find the way to one of our hidden gems?
Hunt for art at Artfox.eu !

Please contact David for more information 0487.82.66.55 or sent an e-mail to david@artfox.eu