8021 - Van Gogh Museum and Hyundai enter partnership


The Van Gogh Museum has entered into a three-year partnership with Hyundai. The sponsorship offered by the car manufacturer will facilitate the production of three important Korean translations: of the museum map, the multimedia tour and of visitor information on the corporate museum website. Last year, the museum welcomed a growing number of Korean visitors. The partnership with the Van Gogh Museum will allow Hyundai to further strengthen their brand awareness in the Netherlands and beyond.

Commenting on the partnership, Axel RĂ¼ger (Director of the Van Gogh Museum) said: ‘We share a common passion for the work and life of Van Gogh, the world’s most famous Dutch artist. That forms exceedingly strong foundations. Our new partner also recognises the vital importance of sustainability, as does the Van Gogh Museum’.

Hyung Cheong Kim (President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe): At Hyundai Motor, we believe in the strong relationship between the art of design and the art of technology, and we aim to make this connection accessible to people all over the globe through our products. Our collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum as a leading art institution marks an important step to introduce a wider audience worldwide to the beauty of art and design’.

Wang-Chul Shin (President of Hyundai Motor) added: ‘The sustainable character of the Van Gogh Museum appealed to us, as did the opportunity to allow our fellow countrymen and women the chance to get better acquainted with the life and work of Vincent van Gogh’.

Rising numbers of Korean visitors
The Van Gogh Museum is welcoming a growing number of Korean visitors: 8,000 visitors in 2014 rose to 25,000 visitors in 2015. This trend is mirrored online, where the number of visitors rose by 25% in 2015 compared to the previous year. In order to further stimulate this growing interest, the website, multimedia tour and museum map will all be translated into Korean. With their sponsorship, Hyundai is also contributing to the museum’s core activities.

Hyundai IONIQ in Sunflowers
Hyundai will be making several models of the Hyundai IONIQ available to the Van Gogh Museum. To mark the occasion, the car manufacturer drew inspiration from Van Gogh’s iconic work Sunflowers to create a specially-designed edition of one of the IONIQ models.

Museum alliances around the world
The partnership with the Van Gogh Museum dovetails with Hyundai’s vision of collaborating with leading international museums in order to unite design and art. Hyundai has already entered into partnerships with the Tate Modern in London, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea.